The Creative Professional

Developing as a creative professional feels very much like the experience a tightrope walker may have in the circus. How should you balance the multi-faceted variables while still ensuring a positive, enriching, and rewarding professional experience?

What is my writing style?

Often I find myself questioning what my writing style is. Is it friendly, grotesque, uplifting, powerful, or simply just words? Does my composition of language give others that same feeling I had when I wrote them? There is no doubt that someone may read one of my stories, blog posts, or website content and get a completely different read on it than what I intended. 

To Create Something From Nothing

Jenelle Cheyne may very well be one of my favorite people. We met back in college when I was working as a teacher's assistant for a multi-cam television production class. She was our hired talent for a haphazard student production called "Hoods" that tested the merit of its students more in the realm of humble persistence than in skills. She and I had so many laughs while working that I was convinced the choice I had made to switch schools and majors halfway through my college career was absolutely worth it.